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Devastatingly cool Parisian Ize Teixeira grew up in Santiago, Cape Verde but emigrated to France as a teen. The musician has had success over the years as a solo artist and as part of the band La MC Malcriado. Now Ize fuses music with fashion and is better known as a streetstyle favourite with his imitable dress sense giving the fashion set something to swoon over. Read on to discover what makes Ize DIFFERENT…

You have a very rich and eclectic sound – how did you first get into music?

I always loved music – even as a child, I couldn’t live without it. When I was 7, by chance I wandered into a concert that was happening on the street in Cape Verde. What I was hearing was called Bulimundo (Electronic Funaná – Cape Verdean music) and it made me realise “that’s what want to do for the rest of my life”, being on stage, sharing my daily life with musicians.

You won the Kora award for Best Group on the African Diaspora – how has growing up in Santiago influenced your music?

You can really experience the cultural mix there, it all definitely influenced my music. Also I was so proud of my little island. When I moved to France, I realised I had the chance to share the authenticity I had when I grew up there with the rest of the world.

I always loved music – even as a child, I couldn’t live without it.

What’s the story behind your track, Fasi Fasi?

This track is really special to me – it means that you always have to look forward, never look back even though things in life can be difficult sometimes. It’s a very positive song, and I hope people can feel that.

Describe your style. What influences you in fashion?

My style is made up of multiple influences – vintage, hand crafted, giving a new life to old pieces. I love secondhand shops and spending ages trying to find the right clothes. I’m also really fond of accessories, like I’m always wearing my hat no matter what.

You’re heavily involved in the creative direction of your music videos – how do you stay inspired?

I get my inspirations from daily life – I love going out in the streets during the day, looking at people, sitting in a café – that’s what keeps me inspired. I also have the chance to be surrounded by a creative team, we feed each other with new ideas all the time.


Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re working on?

I’ve got loads! I’m actually finishing recording my new album which will be very personal. It will be out early this year. I’m also working on a new concept, I.T.F.A which is a clothing brand with crafted pieces made out of vintage clothing. It’s a whole concept but I hope to turn it into a store.

What have you been listening to recently?

I’ve recently rediscovered a new track from Afrika Bambaataa – an amazing classic. I also love SZA , she’s always on my playlist, and Kendrick Lamar, obviously.

Have Dr. Martens always been a part of your style?

Yes, they’re definitely part of my style. I love the classics ones, still right on trend, and they will be forever, I guess – I’m a big supporter of the brand.

I’ve met so many people, from everywhere, which has built who I am today.

What makes you DIFFERENT?

That’s a really difficult question – the fact that I had the chance to experience two different cultures, both Cape Verdean and growing up in Paris. I’ve met so many people, from everywhere, which has built who I am today.


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