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Photographer and celebrated style blogger Karlmond Tang is a leading authority on men’s fashion. His online journal goes deep on all things sartorial — a collection of flawless fashion alongside thoughtful explorations of the relationship between style and individual. He’s the right guy to do it: a sought-after consultant and stylist for brands and publications, as well as a regular on the street style circuit, Karlmond’s unique voice brings a new perspective to fashion writing and art direction. So we were thrilled he agreed to be a part of our Worn Different campaign, effortlessly styling the 1461 Decon with an understated look topped by a killer fedora. Read on to learn more about Karlmond — his influences, his aesthetic and his second favorite pair of Doc’s.

What are you up to these days? Photography, art direction, blogging or a bit of all of it? Which is your favorite thing to do?

Styling seems to be the breadwinner at the moment, but what I really want to do is begin making my next exhibition piece or two — I just wish I had the space to create them. I’ve got notebooks full of jargon, just not quite the right outlets to get them out. I enjoy all aspects of what I do for varied reasons, but ultimately they all revolve around identity and stories. The art direction side is probably my favourite of the bunch; it’s nice to tell a story, and bring all the right people together to help narrate it.

Describe your fashion aesthetic. How did growing up in Watford influence (or not influence) your style?

I’m not intentionally trend-driven. While I like my brands, I like my clothes to be well-worn, and I’m not precious about that.

Watford is musically rich and somewhat racially diverse. I was with the chavs, then the emos, then the indie kids, then the punks. My best friends have been white, black, Asian, straight, gay — and they’ve definitely all influenced me — but …

… style ultimately comes from personality.

Where do you see men’s fashion going in 2018?

In all honesty, I’m not sure. Everyone seems up and at ’em (at least in London) for trying out their own thing, and hopefully that carries on to the next. There are some big high street brands opening soon and that’ll no doubt influence a thing or two.

The only consistent trend I’ve noticed as years have gone by is that people are gradually opening their minds.

Then again, people still think I’m weird. I’m okay with that.

What’s the role of Dr. Martens in men’s fashion?

I think the Worn Different campaign is bang on the money. I really dislike when someone tells you to do something this way or that way because that IS the way, but the Worn Different campaign is all about different individuals doing whatever they want through their own outlets. They just happen to be wearing DM’s. I think it’s a good way to talk about identity.

The Worn Different campaign is all about rebelliousness and approaching life from a totally unique point of view. What’s your most recent example of doing that? 

I try to speak with near full honesty no matter the question, every single day.

I really can’t stand pretense, and maybe it means I don’t play the game the way I probably should but wow-wee does that get tiring.

Tell us about your first pair of Doc’s. 

Well my second pair of Doc’s are the Dr. Martens x Colette collab. They’re great. I really like spots.

And finally, what do you stand for? 

I’m keen on clarity, and self-expression without the arrogance. I definitely do not stand for bigotry.

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