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Illustrator and artist Lo Parkin recently put her stamp on the Dr. Martens Stratford store, taking inspiration from the range of subcultures that Dr. Martens have grown with over the years. Here we speak to her about what inspires her and the process of creating a detailed hand-drawn piece of art for our store: 

Lo Parkin's mural for the Dr. martens Stratford Store
Lo Parkin’s mural for the Dr. Martens Stratford store. Wearing the Baynes boot in Grey Kaya.
Give us a bit of background about yourself:
Originally from Hull, I moved to London for university and since graduating have been working as a freelance Illustrator here for the past 4 years. Specialising in fashion illustration, type and architectural drawing, my illustrative style is defined by a monochrome colour palette and a deep focus on detail, with each of my illustrations being drawn by hand. 
Where do you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration routes from architecture; particularly brutalism, urban cultures, type, fashion and patterns. I’d die without music, namely d&b, hiphop and a bit of house/garage. I guess I also take quite a bit of inspiration from the culture surrounding it. My favourite practitioners include Margaret Kilgallen, Jamel Shabazz, Mike Perry and Ewen Spencer and most recently a friend schooled me up on Archigram so I’m feeling crazy inspired thinking about new concepts for drawings inspired by the ideologies surrounding it. 
Lo Parkin’s mural for the Dr. Martens Stratford store. Wearing the Baynes boot in Grey Kaya.
Talk us through the piece you’ll be creating for Dr.Martens?
I’m dead excited about the artwork I’ve created for DM’s. I’ve worked on quite a lot of murals and it’s been wicked to have a bit more creative freedom, and come at the project from a slightly different approach, allowing my work to get a bit more messy and collaging my illustrations like wallpaper rather then just drawing or painting directly onto the wall.
The artwork in itself is constructed by delving into the Dr Martens archives and developing fashion illustrations from the various subcultures past and present associated with the free-spirited brand. It’s been a brief that I could really connect with. 
Lo Parkin’s mural for the Dr. Martens Stratford store
What are the top three tracks you’re listening to right now?
Anything by Freddie Joachim (especially now the suns starting to come out!)
Yanaku – Closer (Rosie Gaines RMX)
Zikomo – Jet Set 
What’s your favourite thing about the city you live in?
London’s great ‘cos it has such a rich culture. I think it’s just cool to walk around and absorb life in the city, I love the diversity and free-spirited attitudes of people that live here and there’s always so much going on. 
And finally, what do you stand for?
I stand for maintaining hand-rendered ethics in design in an age dominated by digital. I think it’s so important to keep these crafts and aesthetics alive be it drawing by hand, shooting on film or print methods like screen printing. I also believe there’s a massive market for fashion illustration to make a comeback. We’re constantly bombarded with glossy digitally rendered imagery, and I feel seeing a hand-rendered image is just so much more refreshing, being part of championing this comeback would be a dream for me. 
Find out more about Lo Parkin on her website, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter