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We’re celebrating our birthday at Dr. Martens this year by highlighting creative individuals across the world who are originals in their own fields; whether that be art, music, or fashion. Dr. Martens Originals styles have become iconic over time, worn by authentic characters who embody rebellious self-expression. In these interviews, we recognise the creative individuals who inspire us, and find out who they are and what they stand for.

Today we speak to Courtney Gammage, a current apprentice at our Dr. Martens, Cobb Lane Factory. Find out more about her role, and what she stands for below…

Courtney wears the Adrian Tassel Loafer.

Introduce yourself:
My name is Courtney Gammage. I’ve been working at Cobbs Lane Factory, the home of Dr. Martens for over a year now. I started off within our Ecommerce UK customer service team before taking the plunge and starting our footwear production Apprenticeship scheme, September last year.

Tell us about your relationship with Dr. Martens and what it means to you to be part of the brand?
Dr. Martens are an idea and a lifestyle rather than a product. The brand has always had a great way of telling stories about the person wearing them. My Dad bought me my first pair of black 1460’s when I was about 14 and I remember feeling empowered whenever I wore them. I still wear them occasionally and it means a lot to be able to stomp around Cobbs Lane in my favourite battered, beloved boots.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Cobbs Lane?
Aside from the fantastic mix of people and their humour, my favourite thing is the countryside surrounding our village. Britain is such a beautiful place and I have always been in love with our scenery. The frost on the fields that our factory overlook sparkle in the Autumn and Winter months, it’s amazing.

Courtney wears the Adrian Tassel Loafer.

What would your advice be to someone interested in joining the Apprenticeship scheme?
Go for it and don’t hold back. If you get an interview, just be yourself, don’t tell people what you think they want to hear, be true and genuine. As an employer, Dr. Martens are great at spotting potential in people and it really helps if you’re honest.

What’s your favourite thing about the city you live in?
My favourite thing about Northampton is our reputation of traditional shoe making. There are so many subtle nods to this heritage whether it be an old shoe factory or our various shoe-making themed street names.

List three tracks are you listening to right now?
1. Dead Alive – The Shins
2. Barbed Wire Love – Stiff Little Fingers
3. Det Som En Gang Var – Burzum

What do you stand for?
I stand for Animal Rights.

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