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South African five piece rock band Taxi Violence describe their music as ‘blues-infused, retro rock with a pinch of sleaze and bourbon.’ Dr. Martens spoke with them to find out what they stand for. 

Taxi Violence photographed on stage at OppiKoppi Festival
Taxi Violence photographed on stage at OppiKoppi Festival
Tell us about your first pair of Dr. Martens: 
Jason: I was 17 at the time and had a pair of black 1460s like EVERYONE else. It was the ‘in’ thing at the time. I wore them so much the soles wore completely smooth.
Louis: I was 15 years old and it took me months to save up enough pocket money to purchase a pair of black 1460s. There was a shop in Greenmarket Square in Cape Town called Sgt. Peppers – they were one of a select few shops that stocked them at that time. I wore them for years until my feet grew too big for them. 
Name one song you can’t stop listening to: 
George: Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd….it’s like one long song.
Rian: Spirit in the Sky – Norman Greenbaum
Jason: Come together – The Beatles
Louis: Appear Missing – Queens of the Stone Age
Loedi: Where is my mind – Pixies
What’s your favourite thing about the city you live in? 
Rian: The fact that you can move from urban to beach or mountain in minutes.
Louis: Its natural beauty. 
And finally, what do you stand for? 
George: If you want something bad enough, go out and get it. Being lazy won’t get you anywhere. I stand for not being lazy. Unless you listen to our song ‘Lazy Day’…and it’s Sunday and you need to chill.
Rian: I stand because I love it.
Jason: Having good times with good people.
Louis: Being nice and kicking ass.
Loedi: I stand for anything and everything that will fix my country and bring its people together!