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The 1460 Remastered


In our latest 1460 Remastered collaboration, we teamed up with British luxury menswear brand A-COLD-WALL* for their take on our Original silhouette. Docs caught up with brand founder Samuel Ross to talk about inspiration and why the 1460 is timeless.
Which 5 words would you use to describe A-COLD-WALL?
  • Brutalist
  • Macro-Minimalist
  • Nuanced 
  • Progressive
What do you think unites A-COLD-WALL and Dr. Martens?

Subversion, function, utility and storytelling.


Why has the 1460 boot stood the test of time?

Quality of craftsmanship and strong cultural signatures. The 1460 is placed right in the middle of 20th-century cultural crosshairs, it’s incredible. 


What was your inspiration behind the design? What’s your favourite detail?

The 1460 is a perfect boot. Our objective was to reduce and unveil the silhouettes proportions, whilst augmenting elements of the 1460 to supplant A-COLD-WALL*s signature macro-minimalist approach to footwear.

What about the 1460 A-COLD-WALL makes it recognisable to your wearers?

Reduction and constructivism. We produced around 8-10 samples in total before arriving at a plausible solution. Direct observations such as removing all eyelets, redeveloping the eye-stay into 4 free-standing panels, whilst integrating an extended zip closer all speak to the 1460 A-COLD-WALL*s distinct signifiers.


DR. MARTENS X A-COLD-WALL* lands 25.07 at 8am GMT/PST.
Shop it here: EU or US & INTL.

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