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Dr. Martens Collaborates


Dr. Martens and Marc Jacobs have reunited. It’s been 27 years since we first joined forces. And our shared passion for expressing individuality draws us back together again and again. The man who helped elevate grunge from music into fashion, Marc Jacobs turned the industry on its head. 
Sending his models charging down the runway in slip dresses and Docs boots, his 1993 Perry Ellis collection was one of the most controversial to date. He had everyone’s attention. And he’s demanding it again with our latest 1460 Remastered boot.
To celebrate DM’s 60th anniversary, we’ve reignited our long-running creative relationship. Our 100% vegan 1460 Marc Jacobs boot is inspired by our shared history of DIY, customisation, and rocking the status quo. Docs chats to the Marc Jacobs team about how the 1460, what unites our brands and how they describe themselves.

Which 5 words would you use to describe Marc Jacobs? 

Irreverent, exuberant, fearless, imaginative, eclectic.

What do you think unites Marc Jacobs and Dr. Martens? 

Both Marc Jacobs and Dr. Martens have a shared history of rebellion. Pairing gritty Docs with luxe Italian silks for his Perry Ellis Grunge Collection, Jacobs shocked and rewrote industry norms. Similarly, Dr. Martens has long been a symbol of individuality and counterculture. Marc Jacobs and Dr. Martens are united in a strong sense of authenticity and having your voice heard.

Why has the 1460 boot stood the test of time? 

The 1460 boot has become an icon of both comfort and design. Highly wearable and versatile, it pairs with a wide variety of aesthetics and occasions, making it a style that’s both everyday and extraordinary.

What was your inspiration behind the design? Your favourite detail?

The inspiration behind our collaboration is the idea of collecting. This boot represents the idea of making your own charms or collecting them throughout your travels—thrifting, antiquing or souvenir shopping to create something that speaks to your individual experience. Our favourite detail? All the charms featured are from our previous collections and archives.

What about the 1460 Marc Jacobs makes it recognizable to your wearers? 

The whimsical and charming design details are signature Marc Jacobs.​​

Shop the exclusive collection here, (EU) and (US & INTL).

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