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Dr. Martens Collaborates, The 1460 Remastered


Raised among the punk and hardcore scene of the late 90s, Alex James says Docs were always part of the uniform. A staple in his wardrobe since he can remember, his relationship with our Original boot goes way back. Dr. Martens caught up with Pleasures founder Alex James about his inspirations behind our 1460 Remastered boot.
What 5 words would you use to describe Pleasures?

An inclusive platform for everyone.

What’s your favourite way of staying connected with your audience and engaging with them?

We love how everyone speaks their mind and how they’re not afraid to show their true feelings. Pleasures represents people’s darkest moments to their most satisfying memories and everything in between.

What keeps you inspired?

My staff, my family, and our community of misfits around the globe. Love y’all!

What do you think Pleasures has most in common with Dr. Martens?

We are cut from the same cloth. Growing up in the East Coast punk and hardcore scene, Dr. Martens was a part of the uniform. The principles of individuality and an open mind connect our brands.

What do our wearers have in common, and what do you think unites them?

Everyone wants to cater to the cool guy or the fake skater. That’s just not us. Our community is united by a sense of respect, acceptance, and non-judgment.

Why has the 1460 boot stood the test of time?

Life is really tough and the 1460 is indestructible. The ease of wear with a sense of making a statement is what makes the 1460 one of the most iconic pieces of footwear of all time.

What elements of DM’s heritage have you brought to life in your design?

Both brands are deep-rooted in music culture. We wanted to tap into two music styles that both Dr. Martens and Pleasures represents. punk rock and new wave. The classic raw leather is inspired by the Punk uniform and the glossy Patent represents new wave.

What’s your favourite detail?

When we visited the original Dr. Martens factory, we got the chance to chat to the talented staff. We had the idea of splitting the boot and asked the workers if they’d ever seen that execution. General consensus was “No, let’s make it”.

You often say there’s deeper meaning behind your designs — how does this apply with the 1460 Pleasures?

Growing up I was really into Punk and Hardcore. All my friends were into new wave. I didn’t get it, but as my life progressed and matured, it all made sense. This is why you’ll see amazing bands change their sound over time. Moods, energy, and sounds change. This boot ties in this concept together.


The Dr. Martens x Pleasures collection is available to shop here.

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