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Dr. Martens Collaborates, The 1460 Remastered


Yohji Yamamoto. Our first ever collaborator. The master of modern tailoring and world-renowned, seminal Japanese designer was one of the first designers to take our boots on the runway in the early 00s. And our ties run deeper than our many collaborations.
A “rebel as well”, Yohji has consistently challenged the fashion establishment for more than 25 years, contorting traditional perceptions in fashion and writing himself into the history books. And for a little over a quarter of a century, Yamamoto has been persistent in the way he has quietly restructured how the fashion industry perceives femininity.


Raised by a single mother — a seamstress — in a women-driven, post-war Japan, Yohji Yamamoto’s idea for redesigning what it means to be feminine started early. Revolutionising fashion from the early 80s, his counter-attack on the traditional western aesthetic was to create an entirely new silhouette. ‘Menswear’ suits that could be worn by women. Yohji’s new approach to tailoring shattered preconceived ideas of gender in the fashion industry. And his progressive legacy lives on to this day.

With such a radical approach to gender norms, our unisex boots have always struck a chord with Yohji. He’s been a fan since he first laced us up in 1981. In his own words:
“There are a few things that ‘fashionable people’ should have according to my standard: vintage jeans, monotone long sleeve shirts, a leather jacket etc. Things that are basic but well selected. And beautiful Dr. Martens are part of that category of must-have items.”


Yohji is repeatedly drawn back to two fundamentals of design. Craftsmanship and practicality. Two words welted into DM’s ethos. And like our first ever collaboration back in 2007, both his admiration for Docs boots and his non-traditional spirit shines through again for 2020. And in our latest 1460 Remastered collaboration, it’s coming through louder than ever. 

Check out what goes down behind the scenes and behind the design.

Shop the 1460 Remastered Dr. Martens X Yohi Yamamoto collaboration, 25.04 at 8am GMT/PST/KST/JST at drmartens.com.

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