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We’re celebrating our birthday at Dr. Martens this year by highlighting creative individuals across the world who are originals in their own fields; whether that be art, music, or fashion. Dr. Martens Originals styles have become iconic over time, worn by authentic characters who embody rebellious self-expression. In these interviews, we recognise the creative individuals who inspire us, and find out who they are and what they stand for.  
Today we speak to Rei Shito, a street-style photographer, fashion journalist and creator of STYLEfromTOKYO

Rei Shito wearing the Cherry Red Adrian Shoe.
Rei Shito wearing the Cherry Red Adrian Shoe.
For those who don’t know you, what do you do?
Hi, I’m Rei Shito. I direct my own website STYLEfromTOKYO. The concept is “Individual Story behind Individual Fashion” and representing characters of subject by photograph and text.
It’s very difficult to describe my occupation in one word. I’m basically a “Street Style Photographer”. I’m also a Fashion Journalist, a Writer and an Artistic Director for a boutique! Oh, I’ve also worked as a fashion consultant and Radio DJ in the past, sharing information on Tokyo, for example, unique shops, fun activities, and interesting people.
I use my experience and inspiration from street-style shooting in my all my work. 
Rei Shito wearing the Cherry Red Adrian Shoe.
Tell us about your relationship with Dr. Martens:
The first time that I worked with Dr. Martens was when I was interviewed for the Dr. Martens Tabloid paper, since then I have always been interested in what the brand is doing. I was invited to feature in the web editorial magazine called “HOUYHNHNM“, where I talked about what I do, like and believe in, then the story went on to be about Dr. Martens. It was then included in the Dr. Martens “History of Rebellious Self Expression” book where I was also pictured. And now as you can see I’m proudly included in this Original Icons Campaign.
I’m also featuring in their Autumn Winter 2016 campaign, so wait to see more! 
rei shito
Rei Shito wearing the 1461 shoes.
If you could photograph anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
There is no one in particular; I want to photograph EVERY wonderful person.  
What’s your favourite thing about the city you live in?
In Tokyo, there is a lot of people who are inspired by fashion in their everyday life; much more than other places.
I think that Tokyo is the best city in the world for street-style shooting. 
Rei Shito wearing Dr. Martens.
Rei Shito wearing Dr. Martens.
How would you describe your style?
People say that my style is absolutely “TOKYO STYLE”. I think… it’s unconventional. Sometimes it’s genderless, a mix of things or layered. I think “TOKYO STYLE” is to ignore any rules or stereotypes, and just wear what you like in a way that you like.  
What advice would you give to someone who’s trying to break into your industry?
Don’t compare yourself to other people. Compare today’s self to yesterday’s self, then make efforts to be better than yesterday. 
Rei Shito wearing the 1461 shoes.
Rei Shito wearing the 1461 shoes.
You’ve done a lot collaborations and projects, which has been your most exciting to date?
My own photo exhibition in Omotesando-Hills. It was a very telling project! It was a big-scale exhibition using the whole venue from floors B3 to 3F. I teamed up with the best people, and we created a high-quality exhibition in a short space of time. It was really enjoyable! 
What’s in store for you in 2016?
These past few years, I’ve been running full steam with new challenges all the time. So in 2016 I would like to slow down and give each project even more dedicated time. 
Rei Shito
Rei Shito wearing the Cherry Red Adrian Shoe.
What are the top three tracks you’re listening to right now?
I can’t choose! 
What do you stand for?
I stand for “harmonize but not agree”. 
Find out more about Rei Shito on her website, Instagram, and Twitter
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