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In 2017, we brought together some of the most talented young artists living and working in NYC and asked them to create a one-of-a-kind piece expressing their vision of New York. After months of work, we showcased their art at Worn Different NYC, our Brooklyn event celebrating NYC art and music. Keep scrolling to learn more about the artists and see what they created, using Dr. Martens as their muse.

Jessica Lehrman, Documentary Photographer

Jessica Lehrman is a Brooklyn-based photographer best known for her raw visual documentation of contemporary underground movements. From protests and social revolutions to the heart of hip-hop’s underground community and its emerging artists, Lehrman is a committed documentarian of the worlds she is impassioned to be a part of. Her work has been featured in publications like Rolling Stone, the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Vice and more.

For Worn Different NYC, Jessica created a photo journal entitled KEEP WATCH.

“KEEP WATCH is a book documenting five women who protect, monitor and secure the gates to New York City music. All of the women were photographed and interviewed in Brooklyn and work doing security at NYC venues. I was inspired to create this piece because women kick ass!”

Kayrock Studios, Screenprinting

Karl La Rocca a.k.a. Kayrock is a Brooklyn based artist and a founding member of Kayrock Screenprinting which was started in 1998 in a huge loft built by Kayrock and friends in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Currently, Karl works with a team of six print technicians who share his focus on high-end art editions, producing precise, detail-oriented work.

Kayrock showcased his skills at Worn Different NYC by live screenprinting tees and totes during the event.

The artwork for our live screen printing draws inspiration from NYC in the 70s and 80s, the birth of punk rock and hardcore music, political uprising, and locations such as the iconic CBGB, the Bowery, Max’s Kansas City, 8BC, and St. Mark’s place. The artwork is raw, hand-drawn typefaces with a lo-fi photocopy aesthetic, flyer style drawings.

Tamara Santibañez, Multimedia Artist

Tamara Santibañez is a multimedia artist living and working in Brooklyn. Her work is rooted in subcultural semiotics, exploring the meanings we assign to materials, accessories, and objects. Drawing from the worlds of fetish, punk, Chicanx art, and tattooing, she probes the weight objects hold as symbols and the ways in which style-based cultural signifiers function as shorthand for a coded communication. As a tattoo artist working at the legendary Saved Tattoo, Santibañez is widely known for her innovative combination of Chicanx imagery with fetish iconography.

For Worn Different NYC, Santibañez created “New York Love Story,” using only a ballpoint pen and paper.

Bráulio Amado, Visual Artist

Bráulio Amado is a Portuguese visual artist and proprietor of BAD Studio (Bráulio Amado Design Studio). He currently lives in NYC. A sought-after designer and artist who has designed covers for Frank Ocean, A$AP Mob, and Beck, Bráulio created an interactive flyer for our Worn Different NYC event.

I was given the freedom to do a piece of art and unfortunately, with everything that’s happening in the world right now, it was impossible to not channel a bit of how I feel these days. Break down the walls. Act up. Start something. Make something. Do something.

ShawnaX, Illustrator

ShawnaX is an artist and visual designer residing in New York, working with various media including digital illustration, painting, motion, spatial and physical design. Her work exhibits interest in vibrant colors and juxtaposition of shape and composition to evoke energy, seduction, and morbid curiosity. For Worn Different NYC, Shawna created a series of posters entitled It Sticks.

New York City is a vortex. It’s a black hole in which time moves at its own rate, and energy vibrates from another space. Anyone who visits or lives here falls victim to its grasp but can’t place what it is or where it comes from. This series is a dedication to the grit and the unexplainable draw that makes this city a state of mind.

Aaron Fowler, Assemblage Artist

Pulling from reality and imagination, Aaron Fowler’s work describes certain conditions of the human experience and memorializes individuals who are important to him. Using discarded materials from his immediate environment, Fowler communicates ideas about transformation, community, and salvation. For Worn Different NYC, Aaron created a large-scale piece of work entitled “E$ 1460.”

This is a portrait of my girlfriend in the form of a large scale chain/medallion of the white Dr. Marten that she’s worn since I’ve known her. Its made out of a ton of white Dr. Martens 1460s, black bodega bags, metro cards, blonde hair weave, screws and acrylic on panel.

Christian Benner, Designer

Christian Benner is a New York-based fashion designer known for his custom distressed leather jackets and band tees. Inspired by the do-it-yourself fashion of the late 70’s and early 80’s punk rock scene, Benner bought his first leather jacket thinking he could do it himself. He had finally reached his comfort zone through trial and error.

Christian created two jackets for Worn Different NYC; The Brit and The Big Apple.

THE BRIT is an homage to Dr. Marten’s British punk rock roots. It features oxblood paint, one fully studded sleeve, and another sleeve hand painted with a distressed Union Jack. The Brit also honors the 1460 with eight eyelets along the top collar as well as hand stitched yellow detailing along the belt.

THE BIG APPLE honors New York City, a place of constant inspiration that we at Christian Benner call home. We’ve edged our signature white ombre paint job with the New York skyline and trimmed the collar and lapels with T all English 77 cone studs as a nod to the punk movement born in the U.K. and adopted by NYC. It also features hand-stitched yellow detailing along the belt.

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